Videos from our performances!

Videos from some of our performances at Kochi Yosakoi Festival is now uploaded on youtube! Click on “Videos” in the menu above to find them, or simply click here.


For more performances, click here!



We have a new page on the homepage, Photos!

On that page you will be able to find photos both from our days in Japan and from the other parts of the teams work. At the moment there are only a few photos uploaded there but more will come soon.

Photo by: Takuma Kubo

We reach our goal!

When we started this project we did so with a goal of 30 members going to Kouchi next summer. And now as the application period has ended and we have gone through the applications we are proud to say we reach that goal!

We will be over 30 dancers going to Japan next summer!

Now some last changes await in the choreography before all the members get to start practice it in November.

We also have a facebook page now, you haven’t missed to check that out have you?

If you have missed it, or just would like to check again, you can find it here.